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Weird! Whats happening? Can't enter the characters 0 1 2 x z in the body of the post!


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Hi folks! What's happening???


As in the title above, I can't enter the 5 characters listed above in the body of the post! I can enter them in the thread title, as I have shown above, but NOT in the body. They seems to be treated as some kind of control character.


I can enter any of these character in any other fields of this forum but not in the body of the post.


I have tried this on 3 other forums and have had no problems. I am using Firefo ... oops just about screwed up and entered an 'ehks'!


This behavior is nuts! It has me really confused!



As an aside: I can create the te.t in Notepad for e.ample and copy and paste that into this forum, but not enter it from the keyboard. Again, 3 e.amples of the character 'ehks'.


A cut and paste test:
0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 x z

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OK. Thanks stusviews. I am just trying a different browser and I am not having the problem.

It is definitely related to Firefox.


0123456789 x z <- this works in a different browser than Firefox.


What I don't understand is why I do not have this same problem with other forums using Firefox. I'll have to try and track that down.

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I used Firefox 52.0.1 to type the previous post. I'm now at 52.0.2, so here goes: 0 1 2 x y (using the number keypad) and 0 1 2 x y (using the keyboard).

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As I said this is weird ...


If I start trying to type on the regular post entry screen then:

The 0 key changes the magnification of the page by +10% for each press of the key.

The 1 key rotates Firefox tabs from newest to next oldest to oldest in a loop for each key press

The 2 key rotates Firefox tabs from oldest to newest in a loop for each key press


If I'm on the regular post entry screen, x and z do nothing and don't type.

x in certain circumstances does something but not always - hard to track ...


If I'm on the more options screen, the z key switches me back to the regular screen.


Having been on the more options screen and the return to the regular screen, those

characters now all 'seem' to work normally.


This only happens with this forum and with Firefox. I have just tested this on a Dodge Ram forum and everything there behaves normally ... even on the regular and more options entry screens. It clearly has

an involvement with this forum ... :(

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