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Debug in Admin Console

HA not RC

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It would be very helpful to have additional debugging capabilities.


1)  A green dot next to the current step inside of a program.  Most commonly, this would help me with programs that have wait statements.  

2)  A step tracing tool.  Much like software debugging, I would like to have the ability to trace the steps taken.  I expect this would be a tool that would read the log file, and allow me to step through the commands issued.  Especially useful for understanding what is affecting the programs.


3) It would be great to have a what-if tool.  This would allow me to read the ISY setup and virtually cause triggers and seeing their expected effect.  It is time-consuming to create a program, download it, see the behavior, try to figure out what went wrong by hacking the programs.  (e.g. shorter wait times.)



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I use a certain lamp flashing programand inject it into lines to prove progress.


Single step wouldn't work well in a real time environment.


I was after a small piece of the page for dropping variable values, so they can be temporarily watched with the colour program icon indicators.

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1. Programs already have a green flag when they're running/waiting.

2. Step tracing is a very useful tools, but having that ability is complex and would use much of the limited memory that the ISY has. Add a notification after each step that you're concerned about as a workaround.

3. There's no need to download a program after creating it. Create it, save it, run it.

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Thanks for the feedback.


1) True, there is already a green flag that gives a couple of status feedback.  But, I would like a green flag/dot in the program to see where in the program it is.  The idea with the light is one form of workaround, if you planned ahead for it.  Kind of like a 'print "here\n"'

2) I completely agree about the single stepping in realtime. I was envisioning a replay system.  If the log files could contain enough information about what caused the trigger.  This would be run on the computer, and not on the ISY.

3)  Bad choice of words on downloading, just meant having to loop on modifying, hoping to test all the corner cases.  What would be great about this system is that you could check for interactions between programs as well.  (Since you would see them be triggered) 


4) A dream interface that I would like to see for programming would be a state machine interface.  If not a means for entry, then an extracted visualization of how things interact.  Help find dead states and unexpected interactions.

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A dream programming interface would carry an in-your-dreams price B)


Edit: you could always use software which may even have the capability for nested If's. Software takes advantage of the your computers much larger resources (i,e., RAM). Of course, software has the disadvantage of requiring that that the computer be up and running 24/7. The ISY also needs to be up and running 24/7. but the energy used is miniscule compared to a computer and the ISY is considerable less susceptible to crashes and virtually immune from viruses.


The PLM is a sore spot, software also requires a PLM.

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I shouldn't have put all my requests in one.  :-/


And I do realize that I am asking for bigger projects as you go down my list.  (If you don't ask, you don't get.)


Request 1) should be able to read the current state of the ISY and post which line in the admin console.  Not sure how much extra that would chew up on the ISY.  I expect it would only need to add additional load when reading the current state.


Requests 2-4) would all be handled on a pc.  The only work on the ISY would be to either write a log file with the necessary info or to dump the program so it could be simulated.


Stusviews, i believe you are referencing my request of a state machine editor/viewer.  The viewer idea would take the input of the ISY program and run on a PC.  The editor would output the updated programs to the ISY.

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