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6-button, fanlinc and remote issues


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I think I'm missing something simple that I just haven't found the right thing in the other threads about this.


I have two fanlinc, one 6 button wall switch and one 8 button remote.


The goal is to have the switch on/off be the lights

switch button A turn both fans on low

switch button B turn both fans on med

switch button C turn both fans on high

switch button D turn both fans off


remote button A toggle both lights on/off 

remote button B toggle fans med/off <----this is where I'm having the most problems----


I have the other remote buttons set for other things. 


Lights are mostly working, the remote gets out of sync but a second press gets it back in sync.


Switch buttons pressed direct where working correctly until I make the programs for the remote B toggle med/off


I made two programs but do I end up needing to make four? I'm trying to get around the sometimes needing two remote button presses to change the fan


program 1 "remote b button on" fan med

  status switch B is off

 and status switch D is 100%

 and Control remote B is switched ON

 Or Control remote B is switched OFF


 set Scene 'Fan med' on


program 2 "remote B button off" fans off

 status switch A 100%

 or status switch B 100%

 or status switch C 100%

and control remote B is switched on

or control remote B is switched off


 set Scene 'fans off' on



I've even tried a different thing and it keeps turning the fans off

if remote switch b is switched on

and status wall switch D off is not off

then set scene fans med


set scene fans off




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The remote is a controller only. It remains unaware of any scene/device changes. In toggle mode, each alternate press will send to opposite command  (on or off) of the previous press regardless of the state of any responders. A solution is to use 4-button mode or set the mode to non-toggle on and use programs to turn the scene(s) off.

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