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All off Event


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I have had a few All ON events in the past that were prevented by adding delays in MS related program activation's.

 I thought I had read that some had experienced All OFFs as well?  I could not locate those posts or I would have posted there.


I have had two such events within two days of each other and never had any previously that I am aware of.


Is this also a known issue with a message corruption appearing as a scene all off command?


As what occurs in the all on event, the ISY had no visibility of the event. It showed devices status as still on.    What I found very strange was that two different keypads led status remained in the on state even though the lights/fans/outlets they controlled had turned off.


      This event can be directly correlated with having activated a keypad controlled curtain motor.


I hope this is not an indication of a failing keypad.  I guess time will tell.

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I had what appeared to be a scene activation at random times. The light levels on four units matched the scene levels perfectly. ISY made no recordings of any such thing or level changes.


Although I have no proof and it has stopped happenning now, my best shot was traced to a OnOff module, that ISY had recorded some bad responses from. By unplugging it and rebooting it, it seemed to be cured.


This leads me to believe with all the CPU programs and smarts in these devices, why can't they have internal smarts run away and execute random and unexplainable things, after electrical disturbances or even bad and untested combinations of events they monitor?


Conclusion? This OnOff plug-in module occasionally responded incorrectly with the correct code for an Insteon scene on code when hit with an On command from an ISY program. The OnOff module was not involved in any scene links.


I use as few, as possible, Insteon scenes and may attempt to decrease their usage more, in the future.


Every scene a device is involved in exposes one more random code that could operate the device, erroneously. The "All" amounts to the same problem in every Insteon device out there.


Did Smart Home make an error in security for the scene command structure protocol?


More understanding of the Insteon scene protocol is necessary to understand the lesser security it may cause.

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