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Two 2477D switches mysteriously linked

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I have two 2477D dimmers installed in different rooms on the main level of my house that seem mysteriously linked to one another. I have factory reset both of them and confirmed that neither one is a responder or controller of the other. Still, when I turn one switch on, the light in the other room turns on as well. Similarly, I can turn either light off with the switch and the other light goes out too. More specifically, that's almost always happens. Testing it this morning, I observed that when I turned on switch A that light B went on as well (the usual, odd behavior). When I turned off switch B, light A stayed on. That doesn't usually happen, but I've seen it once or twice.


There's something going on, and I'm out of ideas about how to troubleshoot it. Any suggestions?

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Factory reset them and then DON'T restore them. (I assume you used ISY to restore them last time)


Are they still inked?


My bet is that you have a faulty link in the ISY link table.  So when you restored them, the faulty link went right back on.  I saw this happen once before when I swapped some switches around.  The cure is to completely delete the devices from ISY, factory reset them, then start from scratch.


EDIT:  Another possibility is a program in ISY is doing it.  If after factory reset they are still linked, then try unplugged isy from PLM and try.  If they still are linked, then you need to talk to SH since it is the switches.

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