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ISY Portal Maintenance - 07-16-2017


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Hello everyone,

We will have a maintenance on Sunday 07-16-2017 at 5:00 AM PDT which will last 2 hours. During this period, the ISY Portal node server is expected to be down for a few minutes which will be affecting those using the Node Server Occupancy module.

- Node server security enhancement: ISY to ISY Portal Node server will now use a new Node Server key instead of the ISY Portal user credentials.



- Other ISY Portal servers operating systems will be patched, but no downtime is planned.


The change to the node server is backward compatible. If you are already using the node server, it will continue to work as is. In order to increase security, after the change, you can use Select Tool/Node Server/Configuration and click on "Configure connection".  This will enable the new communication method. You will not lose your occupancy configurations.

With kind regards,


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