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Elk Not Connecting


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I can't remember what access level you have with Agave.


Is Agave detecting that you have an ELK attached and displaying the option in the side menu?

I have your all access pass.Yes, Agave is displaying the option on the side menu. Elk has been working fine up till this week. 

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Where is it failing? When refreshing ELK data? error message?

Here's a screenshot. It doesn't change regardless of the state of Elk. Refreshing doesn't change it. 373644278cc9f2ec4aa730ded90d68bd.jpg


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Ive done this a bunch of times, make sure your disconnected to the ElkRP software. If your connected to it nothing else will.

I've been caught doing that also. That's not the case now.


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1st) Long Press on the ELK shield on the top to try and force a refresh of data.

if that doesn't work.

2nd) Put the app in debug mode and send me the results after you navigate to the ELK screen.

I sent you the debugging results James.

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Well that doesn't help me if I'm going to try to figure out why it wasn't working. Do you have any ideas why the elk was not connecting.?


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I don't have any idea why it was not connecting. I sent you debugging when it was not working and then again today when it is working. 

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