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Genie LED Bulb for Garage Door Openers.

Brian H

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I have see some reports in automation forums.

Where some CFL and LED bulbs in garage door openers. Can interfere with the openers RF remote receiver.

I see that Genie has a LED bulb they indicate is safe for their opener. Probably also would work in other manufacturers also.

Almost looks like a OEM maybe from FEIT or Greenlite.

10 Watts, 60 watt equivalent, 3000K Color temperature.




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Yes. It took me months to figure out why I could never leave my driveway before closing my GDO.

Yet when coming home, it worked from a block away.


I found just moving the CFL bulb to the other side of the GDO, away from the antenna, it worked much better.

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Great find!  This clearly demonstrates the issue with poor quality power supplies to the "LED-noise-deniers" that occasionally pop up: "But the LED works PERFECTLY on my normal dimmer, it certainly can't be causing all the problems with my z-wave and insteon devices!"  Wrong - as demonstrated by the good folks at Genie, who were clearly compelled to test and source a quality bulb so as to avoid that sort of issue.


Edited to add:  I messed about with LEDs and CFLs on my Genie for a while, until I finally settled on Philips LED bulbs, which solved all the noise problems... yet I left the GDO plugged into a FilterLinc,   Just in case.   And some of you thought I was kidding when I've repeatedly stated that my house is littered with stupid Filterlincs -- I even have the blasted expensive shouldn't-be-necessary things on my GARAGE CEILING!

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