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Program to Set ELK to Disarm sends Duress Signal


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Hope you guys can help me out here.  Have the following program and when the statement Set Elk to Disarm is run it sends a duress signal FROM the ISY ot the ELK (Elk event 1299).  When the alarm is not set and the then statement is tested it sends the duress.  When the alarm is set it sends both the disarm and duress commands.


Also tested with same result when I press the Disarm button in the ISY.  Elk recognizes it as a duress with an event 1299


Imagine my surprise when two police cars showed up in my driveway.  What I am try to achieve is to turn disarm the alarm when I pull up into my driveway.


Paul Home - [iD 0048][Parent 0001]
        Elk Area 'The Jameson's' 'Armed State' is Armed Away
    And $sPaul.Is.Home is 1
        Set Scene 'Welcome Home' On
        Set Elk Area 'The Jameson's' Disarm
        Wait  5 minutes 
        Set '1st Floor / Kitchen / Camera On-Off Bot' Off
   - No Actions - (To add one, press 'Action')
Any thoughts??
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Well think I figured out the issue, under the ISY 'User' in the Elk software the 'Duress' box was checked.  Deselected and Im no longer getting the 1299 sent.


Also learned what the box was for, dumb on my part... You are suppose to create a user 'Duress' such that you can arm/disarm if under duress such that it also sends a silent alarm to the monitoring agency.  Just set that one up now.

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