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2477S issue

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***Moving this to 5.x forum


I just replaced two old 2876D's (the old icon dimmers) with 2477S's (dual band on/off switches). These control bathroom fans and a dimmer of course wasn't correct.  The dimmers did work correctly despite the incorrect nature of them, but I wanted to "do it right".  Now I'm paying the price.


So the issue, ISY does not update when I manually turn them on or off.  I tested the switch's transmission of paddle presses by linking them to each other as controllers, and they work perfectly (they are in different bathrooms) . . .turn one on/off, the other turns on/off.  I can query the switch from ISY after turning it on and I get an "instant" correction on the console.  I can write to the devices no problem.  This does not seem to be a com issue but rather as if the PLM is selectively ignoring the "switched on" and "switched off"  There are two switches that I replaced today both doing the same thing.  I replaced two others a day or two ago and they are fine.  However, I replaced 2478S's (icon on/off switch) with those.  I also replaced a 2476D with a 2477D today and it is fine.  I can control the fans just fine from the ISY console with an instant response and a correct showing on the console. 


I tried deleting the swtiches from ISY, factoring resetting and re-adding.  Same thing.  What could be the issue?  Adding the switch back to ISY went quickly . . . indicating strong com.


I did update to the "E" version of 5.0.10 2 days ago,  I can't recall if I did the other two before or after I did that update.





I just bench tested another 2477S.  Same problem.   This is a brand new unit out of the box, no load, never had a load.  I'm thinking there is an issue with "E" firmware?

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My 2477S units (same exact version) that I installed and did "replace with" when swapping for 2876S units do work.  It appears that only the ones that are newly and installed and not "replaced with" have the issue.


Did you compare the link tables on the new switches?

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