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Substitution Variables for Smart Meter

Michel Kohanim

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Hi Michael,


Here you go:


* Metering:




















"usage.inst" (instantaneous demand)





//this billing cycle



Example ${umeter.usage.inst}



* Demand Response
















Example: ${udr.event.status}



* Message







Example: ${umsg.event.status}



* Price








//this cycle



Example: ${uprice.event.status}


With kind regards,


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OK, the alert has:


Subject: Power data at ${alert.date} ${alert.time24}



Here is the current data:<br>
<tr><td>Instant Usage</td><td>${umeter.usage.inst}<td></tr>


It didn't work. I got ${umeter.usage.inst} in the body instead of the usage.


However (and I don't know why I didn't think of this before) - when building a custom notification I selected 'Utility - Meter' then 'Instantaneous Demand' and clicked 'Insert'. The value inserted was ${mod.umeter.usage.inst}


So - it seems we need mod. at the start...


Next was to try to get the RAW values:

Here is the current data:<br>
<tr><td>Instantaneous Usage</td><td>${mod.umeter.usage.inst}<td><td>${mod.umeter.usage.inst.raw}<td></tr>
<tr><td>Delivered - Yesterday</td><td>${mod.umeter.usage.yesterday}<td><td>${mod.umeter.usage.yesterday.raw}<td></tr>

The HTML delivered was:

Here is the current data:<br>
<tr><td>Instantaneous Usage</td><td>1.8450kW-kWh<td><td><td></tr>
<tr><td>Delivered - Yesterday</td><td>39.6640kW-kWh<td><td><td></tr>

So - the .RAW got substituted to a null. Is this expected?


Also - with the formatted value - why is the format kW-kWh? Shouldn't it just be kWh for delivered, and kW for instantaneous usage?


In order to build graphs from this - we will likely need .raw to work at least...



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