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Stringify ~ Purchased by Comcast


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Thanks, did not see this coming at all.


"In the coming days, you will see an update to our terms of service noting that the Stringify service data will now go to Comcast. "


This is like finding out that the Death Star just pulled into orbit around your planet.



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Thank you Gary! Can read it now.


Seems I'll stop using Stringify. I ended my business relationship with Comcast a few months ago, I have no intention of restarting it... and I certainly will not accept the TOS change allowing the data to be sent to Comcast.


Oh well...

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Don't have Comcast here in Canada. Any specific reason so many people dislike them?!? Besides the new TOS which seems par for the course for the vast majority of companies. I'll never really understand why people feel the need to monitize everything in their grasp besides wanting to know when I turned on a light bulb?!?

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They were just a bunch of script kiddies. If your serious about using cloud services, then you'll write your own web server code. Then you can ensure it's actually delivered.


Website hosting is about $60 a year for everything you will every need if you can't run your own local server.


By-the-way, if you don't know PHP or ASP then, despite those that are Totally Wrong, find a ColdFusion 10 host. ColdFusion makes the hard really easy. You can do in an hour what take PHP and ASP developers two days to do.


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