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For those looking for another Apple Home Kit environmental sensor the Elgato company has recently produced the Eve Degree: https://www.apple.com/shop/product/HL5E2VC/A/elgato-eve-degree-indoor-sensor?fnode=51fb1a8e2ba1810dff4814d6f18cf874c2bb511b6d9883c0ecb1c22951ecbb454f7c9e2d5ab2417f3bb65264f8d86ecace50553339f810dd9690fd23b549399f17d7c2884b0305896e568ef11e4ec1bff2a1fd6a712f6bf6d6d0458c8353cceb


Like so many other *Look at Me* products they don't seem to offer a very wide range of temperature, humidity, pressure, with any level of accuracy. For $69.95 USD its rather expensive but given it offers a *All in one* enclosure which provides a digital read out. Along with a smart application to help track the metrics it might have value to some.


I think its great for that Plug & Play for those less technically inclined or those who don't want another project to build upon. The unit is quite attractive and does offer a IPX3 weather rating.


The hardware takes CR2450 Lithium battery cells so this indicates it may very well have a long operational life. I think its great more companies are offering more environmental sensors for the masses. I just really wish to see a company that offers higher accuracy, wider operating range, and provides a open API to access the data should it be required.


I am not really a fan of Smart Applications or cloud hosted services given its like leasing a product you own. At the present my extensive 1 wire network has been deployed for more than eight years in various iterations and hasn't skipped a beat! The cost per sensor is far lower than one of these units. The most expensive 1 Wire Dallas sensor was $1.89 which came hermetically sealed and encapsulated in a stainless steel housing and a three foot wire loom.


The most expensive part was the Autelis Bridge controller but given it allows 32 sensors to be enrolled. The cost per sensor never mind reach is second to none.


At the current price of $69.95 x 64 (1 wire sensors) that comes out to a whopping: $4476.80 USD


To be fair the Eve Degree offers more in the housing and is a Plug & Play device. Where as the Autelis Bridge requires more technical effort, integration, and time to set up for a final deployment. 


Either way the market has one more choice for the public.


Rock On . . .





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