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Polyglot Node Server for Autelis Pool Control


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For Autelis Pool Control users running their ISY on 5.0.X firmware, I have created a Polyglot Node Server for Autelis Pool Control. See the thread in the Polyglot forum here:




While the current ISY integration built into the Autelis ISY firmware is pretty good, using a Node Server allows the equipment and temp controls to show up as nodes in the Administration Console, be added as members of Managed Scenes, present selectable commands and parameters in the programming GUI, etc. I am running this with my Pool Control for Jandy/Zodiac and my Jandy Aqualink RS 8, but I imagine it should work or could be easily modified to support other Autelis Pool Control products. If the 5.0 firmware branch for the ISY ever becomes a reality, a native REST Node Server would be a fairly easy thing for Autelis to put into their ISY-specific firmware.

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