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Update 1.6.814

James Peterson

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New update will be coming out today I hope.  Just running through a few last updates.  This will push al the changes from the Beta channel as well as a few new things.  

- Bug fixes
- Variable precision (ISY 5.x Only)
- New Oreo based permissions
- New xml parser (startup time improvements)
- Fix for family manager crash
- New run in background option (Will use more battery if enabled)
- fix crash when selecting edit text in Oreo
- notification changes for Oreo

 - Variable precision - This is one of the new features in ISY 5.x.  I believe this support is working rather well.

 - With Oreo comes a lot of internal changes to android.  One of those is more security around user accounts.  I have updated Agave to take in consideration these new security features to better ensure you as the users privacy.

 - I have completely rewritten the XML parser from scratch.  It is much faster then the original when Agave was first written and will process the initial load of data much faster and speed up startup times

 - There was a crash in the family manager when I adjusted the billing setup - this has been fixed.

 - I have added back the run in background option taking into account the new optimizations features added in android.  This is an option feature that "WILL" use more battery so use with care.

 - Oreo seems to have broken a few things, so anyone attempting to edit a custom name, option, status would have been crashing.  this has been fixed

 - Updated the notification system to reflect Oreo changes.


There are probably a lot more things I didn't mention, but this is the bulk of it.  


This should be available later today.


EDIT: One more addition - I have implemented android 7.x+ App shortcuts.  These will be dynamically populated based on your use of the app.   They will start showing up after the app has gained enough information to show them.  They will update through out the day based on your usage of the app at that time of day.  (NOTE: all of this information is stored on the device.  I do not store this information on a server.  All information is installation specific.) See Attached


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Update is out.  There were a few issues right away, so I pushed  patch 1.6.816 on top of that just now.   should be available soon.


Please report any issues that arise.  I've been running and testing these features for over a month, but I can never catch everything.  Most has been in BETA for some time as well so hoping for the best.  


If anyone was testing on a HTC U11 Android 7.1 please PM me.  You know who you are. 

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Anyone using android 8 please be patient. There are a few issues coming in and I will get to them as son as I can. I will be pushing updates as I fix them.


I never liked Oreos anyway.

Google just gave me 817.


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