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You would be wrong.


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One needs only think about all of the network appliances that don't use cellular!!


ISY Series Controller is a perfect example of sending SMS. Tons of other devices in my home: Firewall, Energy Management, Security, Weather, etc.


None of these devices use cellular just WiFi / Ethernet.


That is the perfect example of NOT SUPPORTING IOT - ROGER FAIL.



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Because Teken just won't be reasonable.

I always considered offering facts as being reasonable. Clearly your definition is completely different than what the encyclopedia defines.


Next . . .



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Please, please guys....... we all enjoy ISY and this forum and no fighting please.  Pls smoke a peace pipe !

That all depends.....What do you have to smoke?


Should we start a thread on square eyeball syndrome?

This is the inner anger a person  gets when a person  stares at a square monitor for too long and only stresses over software bugs he/she just can't find, for too many weeks and months on end without any positive brain time. It results in staying up too late and not sleeping or trying to  forget the problem, by going to sleep.  Bio-chemically this is a self induced reduction  of the hormone, serotonin, by enhancing the negative bio-pathways that consume serotonin.

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We had a high in the mid-70's today. It's currently 66º F, 53% humidity and calm. Actually, no one here talks about the weather because we rarely have any B)

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I use my wind speed to combine with outside temperature to calculate an effective heat loss effect with my HVAC. With certain combinations of that cooling effect I increase my HVAC setpoint by 0.5C to eliminate that cool feeling.


I also use this created effect figure for Adaptive Intelligent Recovery and Adaptive Intelligent Setback times for my HVAC. I have never seen a stat that offers both or the extended times I require in my house. In milder seasons my stat will be set back as soon as  3:00 PM to acheive the cooler temperatures I require to sleep at nights. Conversely, ISY can also start my temperature recovery at 3-4 AM to acheive decent temperature by 9 AM when it's bitter cold outside.


Without the wind speed input this would be out of proper time compensation much of the days. Static air forms a blanket of extra insulating air around a building that wind takes away, especially with deep set windows.

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