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Initiate a program from a keypad button press

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Hi everyone,

New guy here. Please be gentle :)


Is it possible to initiate the IF portion of a program from a keypad (8 button 2334-222, specifically)?


I have the scene thing figured out.  I'm using scenes for four of the buttons to control a fanlinc.  I need the programs for some more complex actions.



I have a "bedtime" program that sets all of the house lights for night (some on/dimmed, most off).  It also shuts the garage doors (if open) and turns off the bathroom fans.


I'd love to be able to push one of those buttons and set that all in motion.


Thanks for your help!!



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Of course it is possible.


First, however, you need to decide how you want to configure your button (toggle mode?  Non-toggle off?  Non-toggle on?).  Do you want your program to respond only to ON commands?  Off commands?  Both?


Depending on answers to some of those questions, the program could likely look something like:



control "KPL Button X" is switched ON


Run bedtime program (then path)  <<< assumes all your actions are in the THEN, rather than ELSE

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