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Robotics - Where the technology stands: Terminator?


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I honestly didn't believe I would be alive to see how robotic development has progressed this far. This Boston Dynamic robot is the first unmanned, untethered robot to complete such an incredible feat. I want you to keep in mind this robot weighs more than 150 lbs and when I say it weighs more than its pushing 200 lbs plus.




Boston Dynamics Spot Mini has show cased what is known as spot, detect, evade, and loiter.




In 2013 the American Military show cased the first fully automated drone that could fly and land on a moving aircraft carrier.



Now, there is Sophia the first so called AI robot that offers human like expressions: 



Lots of friends and family have ribbed me over the years about the concerns I have about so called smart robots. At the current pace of development and technology that has been listed up above. The fictional movie of *Terminator* and SkyNET becoming a reality is no longer just talk or fantasy.


This is a major threat to all of us because man kind has no freaking clue how to properly harness such powers. Everyday across the globe there are humans who sit in cargo containers that play video games which remotely control drones to send bombs to terminate people, places, objects, the Government feels is a threat.


This *No Skin in the game* mentality is exactly why the development of fully automated drones which can loiter and kill anything it believes falls in its *Kill List* should be banned. The two Boston Dynamic robots I have show cased was most recently owned and operated by EVIL Google.


Google as of 2016 has, owns, and operates every technology that SkyNET requires to become a reality. They are inbedded and used in computers, cellular, ISP, Web Search, Mapping, Audio / Video, Gaming, Telecommunications, Security, Robotics, Energy, Traffic, Aeronautics, Space, and of course Military.


The day two of those robots which can literally walk, jump, back flip, evade, loiter, and think.


You better have your life in order because life as you know it won't ever be the same.


Terminator - SkyNET - Its not a dream - Coming to town near you!     

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Cool stuff. Hard to get past the advertising and see the videos, though.


First link appears to be android technology. No person controlling them was shown.


The first link where the robot completed the hopping, spinning, and back flip is all done on board with out the aid of a human. The key part is this incredible feat was done with out being tethered by chains, cable, or other safety barriers to ensure the robot would remain stable. I don't recall what the name of the first generation mule they created but that prototype has been in testing by the American Military on a limited basis as a proof of concept.


You could literally kick, punch, and shove the mule repeatedly and the robot would recover from the extreme push or fall. The intent of that mule was to offer an alternative for transportation (load carry) of heavy supplies in a field of battle in extreme altitudes, incline, terrain, and temperature.


All of these robots are being field tested for the next generation of L.E.S *Loiter, Evade, Search*.


There has never been anything in real world or proof of concept that has ever *Actively* evaded a human. Never mind programmed to *Search* for a target on its own. If and when this technology is combined with real time thinking and learning on the go this world will never be the same. If that drone in the third link ever incorporates the ability to actually think, loiter, evade, search on its own with out the aid of a human.


You have exactly what the Terminator movie portrayed where drones flew around killing everything . . .


Couple this with those two first links of Boston Dynamics robots that freely walk and know how to L.E.S mount a high caliber weapon. You better have your will filled out because that thing is going to kill you.

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