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Post text missing in Tapatalk


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@Mark H

I'm not sure if this is a Tapatalk issue, or an issue with the new forum. When I view the OP for https://forum.universal-devices.com/topic/23639-coming-soon-cao-gadgets-wireless-tag-polyglot/ In Tapatalk, it doesn't show all the text at the start. See pic. If you view the link in a browser you see it all, second pic. The problem shows in my phone and tablet which are both running Android 8.1.0. I've sent a support ticket to Tapatalk, but was wondering if anyone else sees the problem. Larry already said he doesn't, thanks Larry.



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Apologies, but I don't use Tapatalk at all, so do not know if the output is "normal" for that App. That's something Tapatalk would have to answer. Do you get the same result using a mobile phone with a regular browser such as Chrome/Safari? In the new v4, the Theme is responsive so it does scale down to the device, and some info is not included when it does.

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