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I think I have everything set up correctly to control my devices and scenes with my voice but I have a couple of problems. Alexa will turn on or off scenes and devices. I have enabled both mobilinc custom skills and mobilinc smarthome skills. I received an email notification that refreshing devices was complete.

1. I followed the instructions for creating custom responses by creating a folder in the program tree called Voice. I moved a program into that folder called bathroom hallway lights (bathroom hallway lights are on). I refreshed devices but when I say "alexa, tell mobilinc to run program bathroom hallway lights, it responds with "I am unable to run the scene bathroom hallway lights, can I help you with anything else?".

2. This is probably related to the first question but when I look in the alexa app, I see a lot of devices but no scenes appear under its heading. Also, I don't see programs listed anywhere unless they are piled into the devices.



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