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IBM offers up Watson Assistant, its answer to Amazon’s Alexa


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IBM offers up Watson Assistant, its answer to Amazon’s Alexa via - CNET




I think Mycroft AI open source is using Watson for their product. I asked what the privacy policy is for Mycroft but they didn’t respond to my twitter request nor can I find their privacy policy online when I last looked. I know IBM is taking privacy seriously and released a private and secure DNS server of so one “would” think it would apply here and be more private than say Amazon, Google or the rest.


The Mycroft site does say,


“Mycroft’s open platform differs from products like Alexa or Assistant in four important ways. Data privacy, customization, user agency and open data.


Privacy – Mycroft’s platform provides users with privacy by deleting queries in real time. User data is not mined, aggregated, processed or sold.”


It also appears it’s an “opt-in” to help the community vs “opt-out”.

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