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Sense - Smart Multi Sensor


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This came on my feed several months back and the company is now going live with the Kickstarter campaign. It looks to be smart multi-sensors are all the rage these days. Which in my mind is a good thing as the competition will drive down costs and push advances in this field: 


At $49.99 USD retail I can't honestly say if this is a good vs great value in the big picture. Given it offers no less than 8 sensors which cover temp, humidity, sound, CO2, light, pressure, noise, movement, altitude. For me accuracy, scale, and precision is the main driver which many of these sensors fail in besides no ability to calibrate or offer compensation. I know quite a few people here enjoy the use of the CAO tags so hearing their input on this would be great.

By my count there are eight IoT vs major Enterprise vendors who make similar single sensor vs multi sensors. 

As noted in another thread entry 2018 will be very interesting in home automation and related fields.


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They seem to be working hard on getting this to come to market. What I see is pretty impressive if they can truly make it happen. I pledged $1 to keep up to date on things and to be able to purchase if I wanted down the road. These little guys might be more powerful that the CAO Gadgets wireless tags. Would be cool to get API access and do a NodeServer for them. The lower cost than a ZWAVE module (IE MultiSensor 6) but with tons of additional details. Of course the one big downside is the internet connection is required unlike ZWAVE but like the CAO Wireless tags. Time will tell.

My draw to these is the air quality meter. Air quality meters are usually large, need to be plugged in and at a $100 price point. If these work...

I have not heard anything about not being able to calibrate them if needed.

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