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Beta Released

James Peterson

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New Android and iOS betas have been released.  Please be kind.  

Android  - bug fixes and compatibility with new iOS

iOS - Initial Beta

For all iOS beta testers make sure you download the Testflight app from the app market to get access to the Beta.


Submit all reports to : support@agaveha.com - you can do this directly from the app if you like.  

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35 minutes ago, bgrubb1 said:
Thank you sir. 
First issues,
only 2 of my 3 zwave thermostats appear, all 3 show up in the admin console and mobilinc
clicking on programs crashes back to iOS home page

Ok. That's for the update. Apple is pretty slow about crash reports so I should start getting reports in a day or so.

Please send me a node dump of your thermostat that is not showing.

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Don't worry about the "Trial Expired" message.  The Trial process has been modified and ff you had a previous android install, the app is picking up on the install date right now.  Just Go ahead and continue with the purchase process.  The purchase will be free within the Test flight system.  

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Do we need to do anything with the trial purchase?
I've never had it on Android, and right now, it says "Trial Period Exp: May 19, 2018"
Nope. If you like I can manually expire it, but just as is. I need trials and purchases tested so this is good.

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Thanks for the work on this. Looking forward to running this to help beta things. Had the trial expired issue (even though I had never installed Android) so waiting to get back on local network to go through purchase process and get it testing. 

I had a few crashes when trying to setup the ISY with a url from outside my network in the beginning. (sent you an email and you've replied). Hope the crash reports help.

Keep up the good work!

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There is an issue with the contact support link within the app.  It appears that it does not cancel itself.  I have fixed this for the next build, but in the meantime, please only click send button once.  You will then have to force close Agave and restart in order to remove the mailer screen.  

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