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Java going paid ONLY for businesses... (!)


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I was updating my Java runtime on my VM that I use for ISY administration, and got this...   See: https://www.java.com/en/download/release_notice.jsp

Question is - UDI will likely have to pay Oracle to continue using Java for the Admin console - and UDIs customers who are commercial will likely ALSO have to pay Oracle for a commercial license. 

Will this money grab by Oracle finally drive migration away from Java to a native HTML5 admin console? 


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Does UDI distribute Java SE 8 ?   I am pretty sure the UDI applications will run under Java 9.

While I have plenty of reasons to distrust Oracle, this isn't a cash grab, this is a push to migrate people off of Java 8 onto Java 9/10 and the upcoming Java 11 (September 2018)

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For some reason, Oracle is not allowing me to select other versions to install - only 8 (updated just a few days ago).

I’ll try again tonight. This one just caught me by surprise....

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