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Elk M1 - Suggestion for Alarm Monitoring CO


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I've been using NextAlarm.com for alarm monitoring for years.  It's been sold  and my 3 year contract is up for renewal. I know some of you also use the Elk M1 and was wondering what monitoring service you would recommend.


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Alarmrelay.com aka Watchlight - Tell em Scott at Alpha Concepts referred you. That’s who most of us here use and they are priced well and amazing.

I second this. I’ve used them for years myself and no issues at all.
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Looking at that site there was something that said landline required. Although, they do accept wi-fi/cell connections. Is there an additional charge if our system is only cell connection? We've had VOIP for ages and our system didn't work well with the provider so we switched over to cell. Thankfully, our current monitoring company doesn't charge extra for that, but it's still a bit more than Alarmrelay.com. 


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I also use watchlight.  Probably about 10 years with them.  I have both my office and home with them.  I use a google voice voip line via an obi voip modem.  No issues with that.  I have my system set to do a daily test call and have never had the alarm tell me it failed.  I have also never had an actual alarm that they didn't pick up.  Usually I get a call in less than 60 seconds but there have been occasions that it took them a few minutes to call.  

Briefly I used them with IP comm.  But for some reason that I can't remember now, I switched back to the google voice voip.  The price was the same either way.

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Thanks for the alarmrelay.com/watchlight suggestions. You've given me some confidence to pursue them.  In my internet search of alarm companies I've found many with different names but seemingly similar (or identical companies).

 I've emailed AlarmRelay.com to see if they have an online component. Through my present alarm company I'm able to go online and put the monitoring into test mode as well change contacts online.  They also send me emails when the alarm is enabled or disabled (I know I can do this from the ElkM1 directly but it's a double check.)  Haven't heard back yet.  Anyone know if they have this functionality? 



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I don't know if they have an online portal.  I haven't changed contacts ever.  As it always turns out, I have an issue (ie I spill water on a water sensor).  The alarm goes off, they call, I tell them to put it into test mode for 30 minutes.  I never have really known before hand that I am going to be falsely triggering the alarm.  Oh, and then there was the time I was putting new belts on my DR mower and had the thing propped up at a funny angle.  Oil leaked into the overhead valves and the engine smoked like mad when I finally got it started.  That got me into test mode.  It took a good 15 minutes to get the smoke detectors to stop going off.

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I use alarm relay with their cell dialer. They offer at least some of the functionality you describe. For example I receive alerts via text and email when my alarm is triggered or if the cell dialer has lost communication for some time. If I recall there are several options for what alerts are sent via email and text that you can configure online.


I believe you need to call in to put the system into test mode but it’s arguably faster than logging in as you talk directly to the central station and it’s less than a minute to do it. You can then call them after your test to ask what they have received.


When I signed up it was cheaper to use their cell dialer although you had to buy it for maybe 150 bucks (less than 200 and I think a bit more than 150).


I have an annual contract that auto renews and IIRC is not pro rated if I cancel.


I like their service and I like that I can call and quickly talk to someone helpful if needed.



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