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Everything likes it except my hub...

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I swore I posted this once before, but the forum profile section says I didn't. Sorry if you've seen it.

I have an underwater pool light whose original switch was installed in a low box in the pool equipment area, an extremely inconvenient location far from the pool surrounded by thorny brush. A few years ago, I replaced it with a simple Insteon dual-mode dimming switch.  I slaved it to an 8-button switch inside the house so I could finally control it conveniently.

The light works fine.  The load switch works it fine.  The slave switch works it fine.  The iPhone MobileLinc app works it fine.

The only thing unhappy is my hub.  Every time I start the ISY admin app, it tells me, "Cannot Communicate with Pool Underwater Light Switch (MAC). Please check connections."  Nothing else has a problem communicating with this switch. Light goes on, light goes off… but never via the hub.

I've run "reload all my devices."  I've run "rebuild the entire database."  Nothing makes the hub happy.

I've verified that the MAC listed for the switch in the admin app is identical to the MAC listed in my iPhone app, and appears in a Device Links Table dump of the 8-button switch, both of which work the light just fine.

Any suggestions?

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You may try the following and report back what you observe:

- Perform a soft reset simply by pulling out the clear set button. Leave it out for about ten seconds and then push it back flush.

- Perform a hard reset by removing the clear set button.Leave it out for about ten seconds and then push it in all the way and hold until the device beeps / flashes the connected load. Return to the AC and select restore device to restore all of its associated links.

- If that doesn't work delete the device from the AC. Hard reset the device as outlined above (read the manual for your specific unit). Add the device back and make any links you need.

- Confirm you have no firewall, anti-virus in place blocking the AC. Ensure you are using the latest Java and clear out the cache and check all box's which will require you to download the AC again. Lastly, ensure both UI & Firmware match otherwise odd things will happen by selecting Help -> About.

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