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Garage Door ISY Insteon


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We moved to a new house and I brought my ISY with me. Have exactly the same two garage door setup as we did in the old house. At the old place, I was able to get it set up (using the Seco-larm SM-226L sensors) so that the KPL buttons for each door would be lit ON when the door(s) were open. If while the door was opening or fully open you hit the KPL button again to stop it (or get it to close), the light would stay ON until the door closed. My current setup does not function like this anymore and instead, the KPL light goes out and stays out until the door closes. The reason why I don't like this is because if I stop the door and it remains open, the sensor should still be reporting the door as open, thus keeping the KPL light ON.

Now what happens is: when the door is open and the KPL light is ON, I press the KPL button and the light goes out. It doesn't turn back on until you press it again to open the door after it was fully closed. With my old setup (the combo of myriad options in my ISY is lost as it was all removed with the clean start at new place) the KPL light would stay ON until the door closed. Any ideas on how to fix this? I've tried what I thought to be all possible combos (reversing wires, options, etc). My current setup is as follows:

-Sensors use red and black wires (not using the green wire...again, I went with the old Seco-Larm sensor SM-226L)

-Momentary A

-KPL buttons are non-toggle OFF

-ON level for the scene on the relay is set for the relay to be OFF

-Trigger reverse is unchecked

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I would expect typical setting for keypad button to be NON-TOGGLE ON, rather than off.

I also expect that you will have to configure your relay to respond to ON commands.  Momentary A should work, but changing that to ON rather than OFF.

There is a tutorial on the wiki that gives a more thorough explanation.

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Thanks for your reply (as usual).

I forgot about the Wiki and did just refer to it. After multiple combinations I was able to get the right one back again.

The wiki (and multiple other threads) mention to use momentary A however, for my setup at both current and old place, momentary B and switching the button toggle to non-toggle (ON) (thanks for that tip) and turning all relay ON level sliders to 0% makes it behave as I want it to (KPL light ON until door closed all the way when it shuts off, press KPL once to open, press again to stop door, press again to close door).


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