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ISY Not showing online.


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My portal shows the ISY as having been offline since I installed the module for Mobilinc. Could this be related? 

IN the portal it says ISY offline since Friday. However the ISY is online and the MobiLinc can reach it. 

The Configuration page of the Console  shows Portal integration online and registered.

As well when I select "Enable Internet access" I get a failed. error message but the ISY is about to send email to notify me. 

Any ideas? 

Screenshot Jul 22 14.33.15.png

Screenshot Jul 22 14.33.34.png

Screenshot Jul 22 14.34.21.png

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How does one turn off the Mobilinc portal? I installed a module. When I select manage modules, I do not get management. I get a dialog telling me all modules are up-to-date. 

The Wiki leaves a lot to be desired. As does the UI. I have no explanation as to why I see automatic upgrades and only have a manual upgrade menu. I do not know why "Internet Access" fails when the ISY is on the Internet. 

Sadly I have a business installing home automation and the ISY COULD be a very useful tool. But the lack of any real support other than this forum and the extremely poor documentation and lack of coherent UI (i.e, Where are the ellipsis to show follow on interaction in menus?) limits it.  

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When enabling the Mobilinc portal, you would have clicked thru a warning that it will disable the ISY Portal module - as ISY can only support one portal connection.


It’s likely you will have to contact support to have them manually disable Mobilinc to reenable ISY Portal.


Many on this forum have suggested that the ‘Internet Access’ option is misnamed. It’s function is to automatically configure port forwarding on your router using upnp. If upnp is disabled on your router (it should be!) then this will always fail.


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I have no explanation as to why I see automatic upgrades and only have a manual upgrade menu.

Auto upgrades are only available to newer production releases. If you are on the latest production firmware version, there is no auto upgrade to newer (beta or alpha) versions and they must be manually applied. Manual is also used if you need to downgrade.
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