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Dead 2413S PowerLinc? How to confirm? How to replace?


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Was away and returned to find my ISY994i wasn't processing programs and cannot control lights from the Console. I suspect a lightning strike/surge. I do have a backup of the ISY but everything works OK except each and every device in my system is inactive on the console (a million "OK" buttons to touch to be sure).

Restore of the Modem does not work from the Console. I did a factory reset and tried again, no go - failed restore message. However, Diagnostics says it is communicating with it.

Before I replace it, any other ideas to bring things to life? Could it in fact by the ISY?

If it is dead, what is the correct procedure to install a new one? Restore Modem? Anything else? Restore Devices also? I do lack a basic understand of what the division of labor is between the modem and the ISY.


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This is from the UDI Wiki. https://wiki.universal-devices.com/index.php?title=ISY-99i/ISY-26_INSTEON:File_Menu#Restore_Modem_.28PLM.29

Are any of the LEDs on the front panel On or flashing? Except the power one that should be On.

Did you use the tools PLM/Info status test or the Show PLM Link Table test? What did they indicate? An empty or very small table can indicate a PLM issue.

One thing if you power down the ISY994i and PLM. Power up the PLM first. So the ISY994i can find it at start up.

There is a real long thread here on the 2413S PLM failures and how some of us repaired theirs. It may give more clues. https://forum.universal-devices.com/topic/13866-repair-of-2413s-plm-when-the-power-supply-fails/


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Sorry I meant to point this fact out: Yes the ISY994i boots up normally, only the leftmost blue LED is on and not flashing. Inquiries to it from the Console (and iPhone app) produce a momentary flash of other LEDs which I believe is normal.

I have restarted the PLM well before ISY.

The PLM diagnostics shows the PLM is active, I forget the exact wording.

The PLM table comes back empty.

I will look at the link provided, thanks.

It's enough of a PITA to not have the ISY to justify spending $79.99 to zero in on this and get it going.

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I reviewed the link you provided, Brian, I bet it is a power supply issue. I have lost many an Insteon switch to power surges with thunderstorms, I recently installed a whole-home surge protector that is supposed to sacrifice itself to absorb the load, but it's still working so enough must have slipped through to the 2413S PLM to do it in. Or it just died.

By the way, the green light on it is lit and looks normal.

Going to Smarthome. I might take a crack at the power supply repair later to have a spare.

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