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ices turn on and off when not commanded

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I have about 30 smart home devices and have been with udi for about 10 years but recently things turn on or off when not commanded sprinkler, bedroom lights, especially garage door which open at random times in night and stays open, im including a log file if anyone can shed light or be able to read it, would be great to know source of issue , also logging is very short should be for every command, im running most current stable version. My event viewer is blank, is this normal?


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Here are some resources to review and next steps to complete if not already in place: https://wiki.universal-devices.com/index.php?title=INSTEON_Random_All_On_Events

  • Unlink unused Insteon devices from scenes/controller to avoid multiple seconds of failed clean-up attempts per group activation. (You can also factory reset the controller to clear the responder list if responder is not present)
  • If an ISY program can be achieved with just the standard Insteon device protocol, do that instead to avoid unneeded ISY activations.
  • If possible, avoid using both an Insteon Hub and ISY at the same time for the same environment.
  • Reduce the number of ISY programs that use Control for a device and then send a Scene command to a scene with the same physical device.
  • Reduce the number of ISY programs that use Control for a device which is already configured as an Insteon controller for a scene as the ISY program sends commands to other scenes/controllers.
  • Check Insteon motion sensors for dying battery which can send sequences rapidly.

There is a massive ongoing thread about the ALL ON event in this forum which provides some insight. 

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