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Security and privacy


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How important is your privacy to you? 

A disturbing trend(at least to me) is sweeping the world. In the name of convienience and productivity our personal information is available for the taking.  Everyone is developing apps that only work in the cloud and or require a subscription.  Some examples geofencing. To work requires your location to go to the internet ifttt the biggest offender requires exposure of address books appointments account info etc   I bought a thermostat that required my personal information and an internet connection to work. Perhaps it all started with face book where you lay out your personal life story for anyone to see. 

Does any of this disturb you? When I buy something I expect it to work in private.  Connectivity is good but only on a intranet.  You can’t get hacked if you are not connected to the internet.  Trump used Facebook data to target voters. Will I start to get ad blasted for winter wear because set my thermostat too low?  

With subcription service everything I do is logged on that site.  Just waiting to be hacked. Even those companies with security like credit reporting companies  get hacked. The best security is to not put your info where it can be taken.   Do you find it strange your security system needs to be connected to the internet where it can be hacked?   Wait till someone hacks your home and cause the lights to flash and sound system to play  will you need ghost busters? 

I remember in the old day I bought a scanner for my computer it required a license key. When I got a new computer the manufacture went out of business so I could not transfer the key rendering the scanner useless. Is this going to be the future of the products we buy? If the company goes under the device stops working! 

Thoughts anyone? 

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