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Fanlinc with 6 button keypad issues

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I have 2 locations where I have fanlinc fan controllers installed and 6 button controllers replacing the switch.  


I basically want the buttons to be as follows:

Top - Fan light on

2nd left - fan high

2nd right- fan medium

3rd left - fan low

3rd right - fan off

Bottom Fan light off


I am struggling with this.  How do I program them so that they do what I want, AND the lights on the keypad show the current state of the Fanlinc?


Advice accepted freely!




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8 minutes ago, dismania said:

I am trying this.  I have also created a scene with Fan Light and Switch -On in it.  Made switch On the controller for the light, light is a responder.  But, the light is on and the button on the controller is off, how do they get synchronized?

Read through this post.


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