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Label for Insteon 2342-222 remote


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I thought others might like this template for labeling the buttons on the Insteon 8-button remote 2342-222.

This label was done in MS Word, see attached file, change as needed.

See attached file:              Insteon Remote X8 Labels.docx

After printing, fold the paper in half so you have the label on top of the fold, then laminate.

If you do not have access to a laminator, you can use wide clear packing tape.

Cut out the complete grid with a small border.

You will be left with the front laminated with the back exposed paper.

Apply clear, good quality double sided tape to the back.

Commercial gummed labels do not have enough adhesion for this application.

Using a sharp utility knife and a metal ruler, cut the blue lines then the red as mentioned in the image below.

Clean button surface with Isopropyl Alcohol  (IPA), let dry, apply label to button.

Note:  the label was designed to be a bit smaller than the actual button dimensions.





Insteon Remote X8 Labels.docx



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