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"server unresponsive" yet devices respond slowly


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I recently updated my Alexa app and was very pleased to be able to turn my lights on/off/dim from the Alexa app (via ISY portal integration).

I tried to do the same today to my dad's environment (VERY similar to mine but less devices).  In his Alexa app, each device had a red dot and "Server Unresponsive" next to it.  YET when I touched the device it did function on/off/dim, although it was quite slow (1-3 second delay).  Everything works fine through Alexa voice commands and ISY portal and admin console.

I  did the standard first step of unlinking and relinking Alexa app to ISY portal.  After that a few devices did NOT show the error message (Server Unresponsive) but many still did.  Response was still slow.

Any thoughts?   Thanks in advance for any/all ideas.

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1 minute ago, bfish said:

No, it was listed in the devices list under "Lights".  Some of them were "spoken as" names within the portal (for use with Alexa).  But I have the same thing in my app, and no errors.

An ISY scene can be exposed as a light, which would make it appear in the list of Alexa devices.


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