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Extra Light Comes on

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This is my second Insteon installation.  My first was about 10-15 devices, and I loved it.  My current installation is probably 50 devices, and I love it too, but am having an operational issue and don't know where to start to debug it.

In at least three cases in my house, I have insteon dimer switches installed with no load on the switch, just to use as a remote control for another device.  One of these works properly, but the other two cause an extra light in the house to turn on and off.  In both cases, it is the same light (the front hall light) that turns on.

The one switch that causes a problem is in a bedroom and controls a mini-module that is in a ceiling light.  It always turns the linked light on and off, and dims it properly, but most of the time (not everytime) it also controls the front hall light.

I have tried having my ISY reprogram all devices in the house, but that has not changed the behavior.




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Did you do a Factory Reset on all the modules before installation?

We have seen strange things happen. As modules seem to ship with some test links in them and it can cause issues. Most folks just automatically Factory Reset all modules before installing.

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