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Should I replace 2413S PLM


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I'm using a 2413S V1.0 PLM with my ISY 994i Pro v.4.7.3 and for the most part the system is reliable with just occasional devices not responding. There are 175 links in the PLM, most of my devices are dual band and I have a couple 2443 Access Points that helped with communications. Most notably I discovered some time ago that placing an Access Point in the same outlet as the PLM dramatically eliminated many device no responses. I use mostly scenes and it's then that I'll find an occasional device that didn't respond to the scene on or off command.

Today I became curious if my PLM has degraded over time and perhaps not working as a dual band anymore, hence the Access Point location and it should be replaced? The PLM is a V1.0 and I guess there have been some improvements made.

Any advice would be appreciated.  Thanks,   Phil



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Well the latest hardware revision 2413S I have seen reported is V2.4. I know it has a redesigned serial daughter board in it and updated power supply capacitors.

My V1.0 has manual  rework in it to add a second capacitor not in the original design. The added capacitor is on the later PC Board with no rework.

I would consider replacing it as it is well over the two years and a few months before failures many times  happen.

The V1.0 2443 Access Points are the older more rugged power supply model that seem to last much longer. The V2.? ones where on the base 2413 PLM board and subject to the two year and a few month failures. I had to rebuild both of my version 2 ones.

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Switch entirely to z-wave?

There are no other alternatives to the PLM; only not-so-Smarthome makes them, and while there's hope that the latest tweak they made to it will improve the lifespan, they still do not use the correct type of capacitor in the power supplies.  So hopefully your next one will last more than two years, but undoubtedly less than you'd like.

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