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Toggle DSC PGM Output


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For Honeywell you would need to send the raw command to the panel using the relay server.

Enable relay server and then figure out what key command would be needed to toggle the function key.  For example, arming the panel is really just sending "#2" to the panel.

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8 hours ago, beninsteon said:

Hi @io_guy, sorry to resurrect this old thread, but what about the same question for Honeywell panels? Function keys can be programmed on Honeywell keypads to control the on board triggers -- perhaps we can access this feature via the EVL?


It took me a little searching but eventually found this thread on an old DSCLink forum about a virtual keypad.



Followed the instruction and I was able to send a raw command from network resource through the relay server to toggle the PGM #1 output. It's worked flawlessly me me for the last 3 weeks.

Don't know if there's any differences between the DSC and Honeywell commands??




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