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Is there a document that explains all the features of the Forum interface?

Like where you have a list of unread topics and you hover over the little black dot and then click it take you to the first unread post even if there are multiple pages of read post. I just stumbled on that one. So, I am sure there are other short cuts.


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Ignore the post just before this one. After adding the @Name it will not let me move away from it to add text. May be a Firefox problem.

Thanks for the reply, I have gone to the Invision IP Board Web Site and aske the same question. I will let you know what they say.


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Here is Invision's response:

Thank you for considering Invision Community. We do not offer any user facing documentation as such due to the flexibility with how our platform can be configured. We are also of the opinion that if the functionality requires documentation then the user interface should instead be improved. Suitable guidance is provided with each feature within the interface itself.

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