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Devices Showing "Current State" Wrong


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I'm having some kind of communication issue with my ISY and Insteon devices.  The isy will show that they are on but they most certainly will not actually be on and off but they most certainly will not be off.

For example, I have 6 fan lincs.  I have a scene and program so that they turn all off and on.  About half of them respond though.  There will always be 2-3 out of the 6 that didn't turn off or on.  However, when you look at the current status in the ISY it shows that they are all off or on. 

What would cause the ISY to show an incorrect status?  Any tricks to troubleshoot a communication issue? 

Thanks so much,


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Hi David

There's only a few possibilities

  • Your PLM may be having problems - This test will take the least amount of time to confirm results
    • How old is it? If => 2 years, it could dying. Do this test:
      • Unplug the PLM,
      • Plug the PLM in, wait 10 seconds
      • In the admin console, go to the file menu and pick Restore Modem. Let it finish.
    • If the above test causes things to start working again, its likely a dying PLM,
    • If not, there are comm problems, try some of the things below:
  • Comm problems.
    • Is it always the same set of devices that fail to be off?
    • Did things did work correctly in the past and now they don't?
    • Any electrical changes to your house: new appliances, furnace, UPS, etc installed in your house?
    • Do you have an insteon signalinc bridge or passive x10 coupler installed in your panel?
    • If haven't already, run the "4 Tap test" as outlined in the directions of dual band devices and confirm insteon signal bridging across your insteon network

Can you check back in with the results of investigating the above. Its also possible to use the event viewer at level 3, but interpreting the results can be more involved.


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