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Time to replace my 2413S PLM


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My ISY 994i Pro Z operates through a 2413S PLM controlling numerous Insteon devices.  At this point everything is working fine.  I am on my second PLM, putting this one in service on 12/22/16.  Since I'm looking at my two year service date I would like to have a replacement "in house" before a failure.  My present PLM data is as follows:

2413S, V 2.2, 1635, SMH 251, 7-28B01.

I have two questions:

1.  Does the currently supplied version have a longer service life than the two years everyone seems to be talking about at present?

2.  Is there a better replacement, or is Insteon the only supplier of the PLM?

Thanks for any help,

Ron VonDrachek

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1. V2.4 is the version users are now reporting received. On the Insteon Forums. There is a post indicating V2.5 with unspecified improvements.  Is in the works for both a 2413U and 2413S. I do know V2.4 has a redesigned Serial Port Daughter Board. Has a serial chip that has a higher ESDI rating and a diode network on both serial signals. Probably for some spike suppression. My V2.4 isn't to the 2+ years old time. So I can't say if it has a longer life. Others here may have more information for you.

2. No the 2413S is the only game in town. The UDI PLM never got released due to issues with Smartlabs and firmware access. The Smartenit model is actually a base PLM  they get from Smartlabs and add their on daughter board too. Their web site reads like it is an older 2412 power line only base module.

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16 minutes ago, ronvond said:

Just received my replacement. Sad to say it’s a 2.4.

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I'm running a 2.4. I feel better about it as it has the diodes Brian mentioned. My previous one was lost to a power spike. Its early to tell. My last on lasted ~4 years and died from a power event.


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