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2477D sending X10 commands?


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It appears as though I have a 2477D v45 that is sending an X10 command when turned on and off that turns on/off the SL that is adjacent to this one, (also a 2477D v45). See the attached photo of my event viewer. The relevant info starts at line 6. Also of note is that the address listed is missing a character. The event viewer show its address as "4B.A9.B" and the actual address is "4B.A9.0B". So at this point I'm thinking that something is out of whack with this unit and it should be replaced. The other 2477D that receives the X10 command and turns on does not report the change to its status, though I think this is expected since it was not an insteon command that triggered it. 

The SL in question is part of a 3-way with a 6-button and if it is the 3-way scene that is triggered then it behaves as normal. It is only when physically pressing the affected SL that the X10 traffic occurs. Is there any point in trying to figure this out other than it just being a defective unit?

Screen Shot 2018-12-22 at 15.52.46.png

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This unit had been functioning as expected for about a year. Only in the last few weeks has it been an issue. The device's links table shows nothing outside of what is expected from the scenes that it is a member of.

I'll try a factory reset regardless though.

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