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Lowe's pulls the plug on the Iris smart home platform


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The whole system is shutting down in March, leaving customers with expensive bricks.

They are going to reimburse people (prepaid credit card) for the existing devices. No talk about the cost of installing it all. Hate to be somewhere on vacation and depending on this shit to work. Love my isy!


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Just be careful with the "Iris Branded" items as the majority of the devices are ZigBee.  Unless it specifically has the Z-Wave Plus logo you will know it's ZigBee.  The only thing I'm aware of that is not would be the FirstAlert Smoke/CO which does not include the Z-Wave logo but the part number ZCOMBO.  

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I feel for the users that have spent money and time on Iris thinking they could depend on it for the next several years.   This is probably a result of Lowes decreasing their inventory and closing under performing stores.  It is interesting in that at my local Lowes they also carry the GE Z Wave products.

This is why I selected ISY.  No dependency on the cloud, universal compatibility, and most of all a U.S. company with engineers that know their product.

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I didn't select ISY because I knew anything about it or UDI. I selected ISY because it supported my old x10 devices and Insteon that has the best protocol design concept.

Now I stick with ISY because it supports Insteon as the best protocol concept as well as almost any other device you can connect to Ethernet. Reliability has been as good as any other I have ever heard of.

The grass looks greener on the other side of the fence but when I look closer the other grass needs more fertilizer than ISY.

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They have one z-wave garage door opener.  It took them an entire hour to find it in the store for me.  4 employees tried during that time..... finally after an hour they found it (locked in their cabinet of stuff they don't want people to steal.......).  It was $17 cheaper than amazon but my time, hassle, and frustration are worth more than that.  They're training me to buy from Amazon.

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