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Am I old or is the red text hard to read?


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I just came back to this community after a 6 year hiatus without an ISY.  I received my new ISY994i 10 days ago and I'm fully back in...everything in my home is again a potential HA target.


But that means a lot of screen time and I find the red text of the admin console incredibly hard to read.  I don't remember it being so difficult for me a decade ago but then what is?  Anyone else have this issue?

In any case is the an ability to choose the color of text either a potential modification or a semi-official hack? I'd sure appreciate if there is some way to change it.



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I remember learning in grade school that red and blue don't play well together with our eyes.  And specifically that red text on a blue background is hard for eyes to see clearly.

Yes. When I was a wee laddie my parents painted my bedroom blue, which I didn't like, and I could only see red after that. :) :)


They like to do that with ingredient lists on edible products and nutritional supplements. It seems like a way to stop people finding out what is in the products while still complying with the legal requirements.




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Not only am I old, my colorblindness makes the font even more challenging to read. As mentioned earlier, it appears to be on the agenda to correct the issue.

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13 hours ago, kclenden said:

In the thread linked below, @Michel Kohanim implied that option would be added to the enhancement list, but I don't think I've seen an update since.

Thanks, that does help a bit.  But the problem & request definitely still stands. I tried the whole windows routine, even going so far as to turn on the night mode at 100% red shift. Blech.

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