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On/Off Module and Lamp Linc randomly tuning on


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I have an Insteon Remote Control Plug-in On/Off Module in a scene with KPL, and a Lamp Linc in a scene in a different room with a different KPL. They are both randomly coming on at different times. This does not show up in the log.. and I'm unsure if the status shows On in the AC when it happens. (It only seems to happen in the middle of the night, but at different times, and the last thing I want to do is go log into the AC to check... though I will next time) Of the ~80 Insteon devices I have in the house these are the only 2 that are acting up... and they are among the latest additions to my home. I can control them both fine from the KPLs, and from the AC. Any thoughts what it could be?



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