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Node servers for newbies?


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Hi all:

I have recently obtained a Raspberry Pi, and managed to make it work nicely with my wireless tags, and have integrated them into my ISY HA system (sweet!)

I must admit that the transition into Raspberry and Debian/Raspian and command line prompts was like a trip back to my early days of DOS... in fact I resisted GUI's back then..but eventually left the command line in favor of them.... now I am having to learn to accept it all over again. Ironic.

I do find that for "relatively sophisticated" new- newbies like me, ferreting out information is rather like trying to teach yourself to play a piano from internet articles... not horribly productive. Hence this post, for advice, pointers to good sources of info etc.

My Raspberry Pi installed with a version of Node-red (which seemed rather intuitive from the looks I have made of it - albeit with nothing to really go on or experiment with). I have learned this was an IBM product, (as was my first commercially built PC) but do not know its current viability, or whether it has been replaced by newer and better programs/approaches. Which got me wondering, what is a good course of action and or/self study for node servers? Node.js? Node-Red? Nodeserver? Where does one begin? And feel free to let me know I am possibly asking the wrong question entirely.

(Learning Linux is another matter for another thread, or for that matter python!)




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With the 1980's DOS you had a manual and the options were exposed and aparrent. With RPi you have to find the correct distro, version, and a million other aspects to find a command line that will actually work. I have found most of the help online just doesn't work. Cryptic is a target to be strived for. :(

 As a code writer on  an older unix work-alike in the 1980s, I found the RPi/python3  very frustrating, primitive, and takes a lot of guessing and luck. It does get better as the fog sort-of clears and dimentia becomes hard to discern from apathy.:)

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