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water sensor false alarm


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Just before we were about to have 25 people for a dinner party, the house announces "water trouble, master bedroom" and shuts off the house water.  So I had to go check. . .  which included needing to pull off a panel to get under the tub, just what I wanted to do as getting things ready for the party.  I checked all 4 water sensors in the master bedroom including one behind the washer/dryer in the master closet.  All was dry.  Voltage was reading 3.8v.  Not a full short that you expect with actually wet sensor.  So I bypassed the zone and left it to today.  Today I looked again and could find nothing wet.  There was a lot of lint behind the dryer that had gotten under the sensor.  I cleaned the lint away and now all is fine.  So, in summary, it seems that excessive lint can make a water sensor partially short.  I'm using the GRI normally open water sensor.  Anyway, you might consider doing some routine checking on water sensors behind a dryer for lint to avoid false alarms.

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