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Not knowing what I was doing setting up GH, I initially set up my Hotmail account for my ISY Portal.

But then it's Google and after discovering I was using a shared mailbox, this would not work.  So I created Gmail accounts for me & my wife (GH needs separate accounts for family members).  I then put my ISY Portal to my Gmail account.  I then had multiple accounts linked to GH and was able to remove my Hotmail account.

1st Problem: Not all devices are recognized by the "voice" even though I can see them on the mobile app and they work just fine from there.

So I tried to remove the ISY from Hotmail only to discover the ISY was removed from my Gmail too.  Yikes!

I then went back to my portal with Gmail and reinstated all my devices.  Logging back into my Hotmail portal I see the devices have been added back there as well.  I do not see anyway to delete an ISY Portal email account.  2nd Problem: But I would like to remove my Hotmail ISY Portal account or at least UNLINK that account from my Gmail account. How can I do this?

UPDATE: 1st Problem Solved. I noticed on GH (tablet) that while all devices were listed, I could not turn them on or off on my tablet.  So I accessed my Gmail ISY Portal, deleted those "broken" devices then added them back. On my tablet, I un-linked the device set-up, then re-linked it.  WAH LA! 

UPDATE 2: Opened U-D Ticket and tech helped delete my Hotmail ISY Portal account (2nd Problem Solved).

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