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Tying Smartthings to Elk or ISY through Alexa


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Yeah.  This is a weird one perhaps.  I've got an Elk M1 system, it's connected to my ISY.  The Elk door sensor relevant to this question is the one going to my back patio.  I just recently built a weatherproof Z-Wave contact switch for my gate outside (this was way cheaper than getting this setup for the Elk natively).  It's connected to my Smartthings hub.  Alexa can see both the door (Elk-->ISY Portal-->Exposed to Alexa as contact switch) and the Gate (Smartthings --> Alexa)

Backstory is that my landscaper sometimes leaves the gate open and we just let the dog out when we get home.  We've almost lost him once because of it.  What I want to do is when someone opens that patio door, if that gate is open, I want Alexa to announce that the gate is open.

The problem is, Alexa Routines - which would be my go to solution here - don't allow AND statements as triggers.  (If Patio Door is Open AND Gate is Open, announce blah).  I'm scratching my head over here thinking there must be a way to do this but I'm missing it.  Hoping one of you brilliant folks out there have an idea.

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The issue is that my ISY cannot see the gate.  Otherwise, you're right, a variable would work perfectly.  I could tell the ISY, "When patio door is open AND gate is open, set variable to 1" then have Alexa listen for that variable to change to 1.  The only device that can see both the gate and the patio is Alexa unless someone knows how to pass that info to the ISY from Smartthings or vice versa.

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