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Polyglot Total Connect Node

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New to posting and am new to ISY integration. So far I have running successfully are the Roomba Node on a local Raspberry and the SolarEdge Node running on the cloud.

Now the other Node I am trying is the Total Connect 2 also on the Polyglot cloud, reading the configuration it calls for my credentials for my site Bailey Home.

Must be doing something wrong because the First problem, I can see my credentials for my security panel in configuration and in the log Polyglot-cloud log file for the node?  

Now it does find my site Bailey Home and also adds the line in configuration menu of Key include_non_bypassable_zones and false for its Value. but other than that nothing? but a long exception with an end result of "Received Message: config" it also includes my secret credentials so I can't post it all to discuss or share lolol!

With Roomba it was Python and it had a cool applet that pulled credential data direct from the device. This however this polls data from my AlarmGrid hosted Honeywell Total Connect 2 website.

Looking at the log file it tells me to look at a log file to find the problem lmao, which log? 

Don't know what to expect for functionality or if I can just arm and disarm my Honeywell Lyric panel blindly with no other control or information feedback?

Man I started with this stupid Lyric panel and its non-usable proprietary IP cameras(?) when we moved to this house for insurance reasons and now wish I had found Universal Devices and did some ELK hunting for security panels, hahahahahaha! and in Spanish jajasajajajajajaja!

Hey I would like to thank all of you extremely intelligent software masters creating these nodes! It reminds me of the 90's and the development of the BACnet protocol for the HVAC industry that I was happily apart of as a tech with fancy energy management devices giving me the ability to control monitor also integration of large equipment like chillers, boilers, air handlers, self contained direct expansion package units, Generators and electrical switch gear, etc. From Manufactures like Trane, united technologies Carrier, Lennox, ABB, Belmo etc... 

The field looks wide open and I wish I was still able to get out there and start an energy management company for residential homes. l would also start an advanced Z-wave product line, better yet add a BACnet and Lonwork networks to ISY and gain all of the existing devices on the market already.

Cheers and Thank you for any help.


Screen Shot 2019-06-20 at 11.26.34 PM.png

Screen Shot 2019-06-20 at 11.44.42 PM.png

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@sjpbailey The credentials required are the credentials you use to login to https://totalconnect2.com/. Those should be set in a user and password property.

The "Discovery failed please check logs for a more detailed error." message in the logs comes from a notification the node server sends to Polyglot. But in the logs there should also be an error in the format of "Discovery failed with error ..." that tells you something else. It's going to be near the top of that log file. You mentioned an exception, could you copy the text (removing any credentials it included) and paste it here? Or at least what the start of the message looks like?

include_non_bypassable_zones will add nodes for zones such as fire and police. Because I didn't think they would be that useful I excluded them by default. The parameters are all documented here: https://github.com/dbarentine/udi-totalconnect-poly/blob/master/README.md

As for functionality, it supports only arming the system and status of the system. You can not disarm the system which is intentional.



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Thank you for you quick reply and this node!

I sure wish there were actual Keys to the Honeywell product line for some controllable functionality out of their devices. Of course I have Honeywell Lyric and cameras that sure would be nice to have up.

I will give it a run through later and get back to you on what I have found, now that you have opened my eyes.

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@sjpbailey For the Lyric and Cameras are you using Honeywell Home?

I just started on a node server for it last night. But I ran into some API authentication issues that I'm waiting on a response from their support. If I can work out those issues you should be able to at least integrate the Lyric thermostat.

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Very well I thought something was a miss because I mis-spoke earlier there are no exceptions or errors. Just repetitive [INFO] [DEBUG] and as you brilliantly suggested my password is XXXXXXX'd out.

6/22/19 17:01:27:175 [Controller][INFO ] :: Updating All Drivers to ISY for Total Connect Controller(controller)

6/22/19 17:01:27:175 [Controller][DEBUG] :: Sent Message: [prod/ns] : {"batch": {"status": [{"address": "controller", "driver": "ST", "value": "1", "uom": 2}]}, "userId": "5cce7e413b7e6a3b2e1755cd", "topic": "prod/ns/totalconnect-0021b902533c-3", "profileNum": "3", "id": "00:21:b9:02:53:3c"}

6/22/19 17:01:28:282 [MQTT      ][DEBUG] :: MQTT Received Message: prod/ns/totalconnect-0021b902533c-3: {'config': {'firstRun': False, 'longPoll': '240', 'logBucket': 'pgc-prod-logbucket-38dmw97ou252', 'oauth': {}, 'url': 'https://github.com/dbarentine/udi-totalconnect-poly.git', 'name': 'TotalConnect', 'language': 'python3', 'isyPassword': '32Jke1kCr5', 'development': False, 'userId': '5cce7e413b7e6a3b2e1755cd', 'isyVersion': '5.0.14MK2', 'pgUrl': 'https://lgpz727w3j.execute-api.us-east-1.amazonaws.com/prod/api/sys/nsgetioturl?params=eyJ1c2VySWQiOiI1Y2NlN2U0MTNiN2U2YTNiMmUxNzU1Y2QiLCJpZCI6IjAwOjIxOmI5OjAyOjUzOjNjIiwicHJvZmlsZU51bSI6MywicGFzc3dvcmQiOiIzMkprZTFrQ3I1In0', 'timeAdded': 1561012556285, 'id': '00:21:b9:02:53:3c', 'shortPoll': '120', 'timeStarted': 1561012878578, 'version': '1.1.1', 'nodes': {'controller': {'address': 'controller', 'drivers': {'ST': {'uom': 2, 'value': '1'}}, 'isController': True, 'isPrimary': True, 'name': 'Total Connect Controller', 'nodedefid': 'controller', 'primary': 'controller', 'timeAdded': 1561012887613, 'timeStarted': 0}}, 'netInfo': {'publicPort': 0, 'publicIp': ''}, 'customData': {}, 'connected': True, 'customParams': {'user': 'sjpbailey@comcast.net', 'password': ‘XXXXXXXXXX', 'include_non_bypassable_zones': 'false'}, 'profileNum': '3', 'notices': {'discovery_failed': 'Discovery failed please check logs for a more detailed error.'}, 'worker': 'totalconnect-0021b902533c-3', 'lastDisconnect': 0, 'isyUsername': 'pgc', 'type': 'cloud'}}

6/22/19 17:01:28:282 [MQTT      ][DEBUG] :: Recieved Message: config

I am going on vacation next week and there is no rush just like to test new items and keep current in controls now that I am retired.

I will await any news as I relax in Yosemite.

Thank you again!

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It's strange that you don't have any additional log messages. After the TC2 node server sends the Discovery Failed notification literally the next line logs the exception. It should end up looking something like:

6/22/19 22:15:11:873 [NodeServer][DEBUG] :: Sent Message: [prod/ns] : {"notices": {"discovery_failed": "Discovery failed please check logs for a more detailed error."}, "userId": "585ad00aabab3f0baf65308e", "topic": "prod/ns/totalconnect-0021b9023680-20", "profileNum": "20", "id": "00:21:b9:02:36:80"}

6/22/19 22:15:11:873 [NodeServer][ERROR] :: Discovery failed with error module 'total_connect_client.TotalConnectClient' has no attribute 'VALID_DEVICES'

One of the things I'm noticing about your log snippet is the message in question is from MQTT which is the message broker. So, this would seem to be the Polyglot server logging the message it received from the node server. Do you see any log messages with [NodeServer] in them?

That all being said I just tried it in the cloud and I got the above error. It looks like the library I'm using to connect to the TC2 API might have broke the node server. So, it's probably likely that you are hitting that same error.

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@sjpbailey I just pushed a fix for the bug I mentioned above. The underlying third party library went through a bit of refactoring and I hadn't pinned the version so the changes broke it. I strongly suspect that it's the discovery issue you are running into.

The fix is in version 1.1.2 of the node server and should now be in the Polyglot store. Give it a try and let me know if it resolves the issue.

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Well it looks like it worked all I had to do was stop and re-start the node today as I do everyday except yesterday and bang we are acking!

I need to play with it I have seven out of I believe nine total zones, so it looks like our Doors are missing so far and windows are visible.

Very Cool, Fantastic work!

Now when I am away, as I wire more devices and enable more nodes I will have access on one platform, instead of Total Connect, SolarEdge Roomba or no access so BP, before polyglot lol!

As I mentioned I will be leaving on vacation on Wednesday so I will be readying for the trip. I will copy the text here in a few so you can look at it.

Thank you again!

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@cwitter The TC2 API does support it. I'm not sure if it requires a users panel code or not but yes it could technically be supported.

My biggest concern is probably users integrating it with voice assistants. This is really bad as someone could in theory disarm the system through a door or window by voice. There are obviously other concerns about securing your ISY passwords, etc... but the voice integration is the biggest one that comes to mind.

I think I might be ok with adding it disabled by default with a healthy warning around the security concerns if one choose to enable it.

If you have a Github account feel free to create a feature request here: https://github.com/dbarentine/udi-totalconnect-poly/issues It's probably going to take me a couple of weeks before I can look at it as I'm working on a different nodeserver right now.

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Hi,  This looks great.

Question: Are you assigning the ISY as PRIMARY or SECONDARY controller in the ZW network?

I am about to getting started with Polyglot/Nodelink, (do not have yet) but am planning to install it either on one of the two RPi4 currently running, or put it on a third dedicated one (the 8gb ones look nice for future ). Before going down this rabbit hole, would you all share some wisdom about some issues around basic setup?

We have TotalConnect 2.0 with

 - Honeywell Thermostat YTH8320 ZW1007/U Z-Wave, linked to
 - HoneyWell Ademco TuxWIFI 6280i Z-Wave (Primary controller with ISY secondary),

 on gigabit ethernet

RIght now the ISY is a SECONDARY controller to the TUXWIFI's ZW network, allowing it to poll the thermostat for house temperature to control both the thermostat settings and a whole house fan for night cooling, since we almost always have cool nights and don't have AC. I posted a write up of this.

As a secondary controller, the ISY can't enroll ZW devices directly, and I've been having trouble getting it to respond to an Ecolink ZW window sensor, enrolled in the TUXWIFI's ZW network. I also have bought an Aotec MS6 to enroll so the ISY can monitor outside temperature to time the whole house fan on periods better, rather than base off Sunrise/Sunset and our manual control. Nodelink/polyglot will allow next day predicted high and low temperature to adjust night time house temperature goal as well. 

After sorting some issues with support about an old problem in my configuration, and the heatwaves end, this project can move forward.

My wife will not really tolerate well breaking TotalConnect, and we have the TUXWIFI setting the Furnace temps depending on the Alarm state during the colder months. Moving this from the TUXWIFI Keypad scenes definitely has some advantages inflexibility and backup, but the Honeywell products have been rock solid over the years. However, the weather module seems to have lost some of its functions. Pros/cons.  

So it looks like with Nodelink, and TC 2.0 the ISY might be able to get ALARM status, and EVEN ZONE status. Zone status might have (might not) saved me a sensor purchase as the whole house fan needs a window open to run safely (it's a powerful monster) and polling the ZW sensor isn't ideal if that's needed with the TUXWIFI remaining PRIMARY. The temperature data is fine getting polled if the TUXWIFI  has to be the primary controller. It is actually a bit tricky using Alarm Zone data, since the windows in VENT positions don't show as faults. They would have to be opened past the vent position for the ISY to see a FAULTED state allow the whole house fan on. This means using a specific window that's ok to be left wide open for supply air as an indicator to the ISY that that house is setup for the big fan to safely run. Then the ISY can monitor house temp, outside temp, check the predicted night low and next day high temp to calculate the goal temp and decide when to turn on and off during the night. It also now switch the furnace blower from air circulation mode to auto, then back to air circulation when night cooling is complete and turn on air cleaners (perhaps if weather data shows especially bad air) that are plugged into the zw switches (now that outside air isn't being blown in).  

I've already got the ISY controlling plug in ZW switches that are enrolled to the TUXWIFi as the Primary. 

In summary:

- Do you have your connected TC Alarm keypad involved in the ZW network and if so is it Primary or secondary.

- If the ISY is Secondary, how are you having it get the data/status updates out of the ZW devices without polling? 

- If the ISY is Primary and the Alarm elements are secondary, how have you set that up?

- I have my installer codes since I self installed, then contracted with a vendor for monitoring who has been pretty reasonable 

- my Vista 20p was upgraded with the recent LTE/dual path communicator and firmware chip. 

 Thank you kindly in advance for any help.


PS remember to leave the covers off the Ecolink ZW Window sensors until the pairing is done when enrolling them into the ISY.

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In terms of Polyglot and Nodeservers they don't participate (at least not directly) in the ZW network. So it wouldn't matter if the ISY is primary or secondary at least as far as the TC nodeserver is concerned.

Your plan for using the zone data should work but I have a concern. What happens if the nodeserver stops reporting data after it's reported the window faulted. If it did that and the window was closed the ISY could still report it faulted thus allowing the fan to run. So if it's a safety issue I'm not sure I'd want to bet on that working 100% of the time.

One way around that is maybe to not rely on the nodeserver to update the data on it's own polling schedule. You could run a program that resets the state to unknown and then triggers a poll on that zone. That way if the nodeserver wasn't responding it would trigger a sort of fail safe. But you would obviously have to make sure that short Faulted -> Unknown -> Faulted wouldn't cause the fan to continually turn on and off.

Do you have your connected TC Alarm keypad involved in the ZW network and if so is it Primary or secondary.

I do but as a secondary. I don't actually use it for anything ZW other than as a signal relay. I manage and control all my Z-Wave devices through the ISY. So I won't be much help here.

If the ISY is Primary and the Alarm elements are secondary, how have you set that up?

It's been so long since I did that that I honestly don't remember. I know that it didn't really work that well when I first did it and had to move to an early 5.x firmware on the ISY to make it work in any capacity.

But typically once you enroll a ZW controller in the network if it's primary I think the TC panel (At least the touch screen 7000 one) will allow you to make it secondary.


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Hi Dane,

Thank you for your fine work on this Node Server.  I am trying to get it up and running using the cloud polyglot portal and ISY firmware 5.2.0.  There seem to be issues possibly associated with this firmware release.  Before I revert back to a lower firmware level, have you tested this Node server with this firmware level?  The Total Connect Controller appears to install and show that it is online. The Panel and most of the Zones populate (22 out of 23), but the ISY screens do not reflect the appropriate node.  Total  Connect does not appear as an entry under Node Servers (it does however appear by name as occupying a slot when the "configure tab" is opened.

No worries, if you haven't tested this firmware/UI level, just let me know your recommended version level to use.  Thanks again for your hard work, Pete

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I have not upgraded to the 5.2.0 or 5.1.0 versions yet. I'm still currently running 5.0.16B.

The UI version shouldn't matter unless there was some fundamental change in the communication between the ISY and Polyglot. Even if there was I think it's set to pull the latest version of the interface automatically on install so it should be fine. If it isn't showing as an entry under Node Servers but does in the configure it sounds like it didn't get installed correctly by Polyglot.

I would try removing it as a nodeserver from Polyglot and re-adding it back in. You could also try clicking on the Total Connect Controller node (assuming it's there) and clicking on Update Profile and then Re-Discover. After that restart the Admin UI.



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I have removed the nodeserver from Polyglot several times. When I did so, it depopulated the ISY admin UI device structure but TC remains on the Nodeserver config list. Where I must delete it via its config popup. 

When reinstalling, I have tried using different Nodeserver slots.  In all cases, the install did not go properly. 

I just tried one more time after your note above. I deleted the unmanaged ISY Controller nodeserver in slot 1 and used that slot to install Total Connect.  This time it installed properly with both the panel node and all 22 bypassable zones present and accounted for. Hurray!

I see the alarm panel fields and wonder if the "Armed Status" field would report an alarm should it occur? Currently, I use X10 signals from the panel to report status to ISY, these can be flaky on occasion, and I would like to use this Nodeserver has a redundant backup. Varios Lights are controlled by Arm Away, Disarm, and burglar signals.

Thanks again for creating this nodeserver.

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Yes Armed Status will report an alarm. It will show as "Alarm" in that status field. The full list of statuses is the IX_ARM_STATUS messages here: https://github.com/dbarentine/udi-totalconnect-poly/blob/master/profile/nls/en_us.txt

It's not instantaneous and will depend on the poll period. Short poll is used for the panel and long poll is used for the zones.

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Thanks for the github link and polling definitions. I will review the files for additional insights.  I am still having trouble receiving updates per the polling. It appears that the nodeserver may be losing connection with my panel and not getting updates.  I have attached a copy of the nodeserver log.  Dane, if you notice anything that stands out, it would be really appreciated.  Thanks again...


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Thanks @vspete I will take a look and let you know. I've actually been having similar issues lately as well. Mine has mostly been when trying to arm the system. The node server is working properly and will trigger the arm event but the TC API is unable to connect to the panel to make it actually happen.

I suspect that you are probably having a similar issue. Unfortunately other than putting some retry logic in there may not be much I can do about it. Assuming yours is the same issue the problem lies between the TC 2.0 API and the panel. Both of which are completely out of my control.

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Thanks @dbarentine and I fully understand the TC 2.0 API to panel limitations. I have stopped experimenting with the Total Control Polyglot for now.  I have a Honeywell VISTA alarm panel which generates x10 messages for alarm modes, disarm, burglar, fire, etc.  This panel is my only remaining x10 use (which is why I was interested in the Total Connect Polyglot). The x10 signalling has been 99% solid so replacing x10 dependent functionality for "Alarm Away Lights," Return Lights," "All lights Full On", etc. ISY programming hasn't been an imperative. The "Alarm Away" x-10 signal is how the ISY knows the house in unoccupied for instance.

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