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Polyglot v2.2.5 can't handle .env file


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@Jimbo @xKing @einstein.42After upgrading to v2.2.5 I have found polisy/polyglot does not  handle a .env file. Polisy/polyglot v2.2.4 handled it just fine. 
I whittled the file down to no comments and only one line, but polyglot will not accept commands from the ecobee devices in ISY. All statuses work perfectly. This has been completely rebuilt many times with the same results.

To make polyglot v2.2.5 function there has to be no .env file. Permissions were modified so that owner=group='polyglot' and permissions=rw,rw,rw after editing or copying.

Back to https:// for now.

Hope I am not speaking too soon again. Thanks!

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